Trifecta Model

Three holes are better than one in the Trifecta, providing a winning combination of style and tone.

The Trifecta player is greeted by a stereophonic sound that is both flat-top intimate and archtop projecting. This beautiful model employs tornavoz type port construction in the top sound holes. The tornavoz technique was used by Flamenco guitar builders many years ago to improve sound projection. Our interpretation incorporates a unique torque top, resulting in an organic, sculpted look.

The placement of two sound holes on the top and one on the side provides a rich dispersion of sound. And the suspension of the fretboard above the body minimizes sound dampening.


  • Top: Engelmann spruce
  • Back / Sides: Myrtle
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Rosewood with a wide compensated bridge from bone
  • Pickups: LR Baggs Anthem Series