TimberKaster Model

The TimberKaster has a "goin' back home" kind of feel for me. I grew up in a hard working, hard playing Montana family where your chores were to be taken as seriously as your vocation. So this rough, no nonsense guitar brings back a lot of great personal memories.

The inspiration for this model was formed in 2011 when I visited the shop of a friend who builds authentic Appalachian style hand-hewn log cabins. While we shared a few hunting stories, my eyes wandered over to some mahogany timbers that had been reclaimed from an old linesman's flatbed truck. Too small to be used in cabin building, my friend gave me the opportunity to re-task the lumber into something really special - guitars!

I stepped away from my normal arsenal of guitar building devices and honored this rustic wood by implementing some new tools, like bullets and a blowtorch. Nothing takes me back home faster than that!


  • Neck: 4-piece reclaimed mahogany with carbon fiber reinforcements
  • Top: Reclaimed mahogany
  • Back: Colorado ash
  • Fretboard: Rosewood
  • Bridge: Solid brass, intonated to client's preferred string gauge
  • Tail Piece: Custom machined solid brass
  • Pick Guard: Copper, accentuated by 9mm bullet holes
  • Strap Pins: Antique railroad nails
  • Truss Rod Cover: Hand tailored from cow horn